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Nola Breakfast Specialities That You Got to Try!

Today, most Americans have their day starting with a cereal box or coffee and doughnut or the drive-up window of a fast-food outlet. But on special occasions, millions of American souls nostalgically reminisce over breakfast the way it used to be.

It’s a meal that can be formal or casual, and it has no boundaries…

Let’s start off by talking about the unique and special breakfast dishes that are home to Mother’s Restaurant – Serving Breakfast All Day, Every Day.


Nola Breakfast Specialities That You Got to Try!

  • Miss Mae

Oda Mae Peters operated the roost in the kitchen at Mother’s for more than 22 years. Throughout the three sets of owners, from Simon and Mary Landry to their sons Jacques and Eddy, and Jerry and John Amato, Miss Mae continued to be the heart and soul of Mother’s cooking. Many-a-times she was the only cook and missed only one day of work in 22 years, that was on the 3rd of May, the flood of 1978. Her life and legacy will live on at Mother’s, not only in the menu but also in flesh and blood – five of her nieces and great-nieces work in Mother’s today.

  • Ferdi Special

a local merchant and regular Mother’s patron, Mr Ferdi, probably had nothing more than a meaty

sandwich in mind when he asked that some ham be added to his roast beef po’boy (or vice versa, the legend is fogged). But the word went around, and the combo was soon a major hit. And that’s how the Ferdi Special was born.

  • Ralph Special

Soon after the Ferdi Special, Ferdi’s nephew Ralph one-upped his eccentric uncle by requesting cheese on his Ferdi Special and got his name featured on the menu and creating another iconic combo.

  • Debris

Have you ever picked the shavings off a freshly carved roast?  So, when a customer asked Simon Landry to mix in the bits of roast beef that had fallen into the gravy while he was cutting it to his sandwich, he replied: “you mean some of the debris?” And just like that, another iconic Mother’s term was coined.

Never skip the tastiest meal of the day!

So, if you are in New Orleans, don’t forget to drop by and experience local meals in a local setting.

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